AvenueWest Managed Corporate Housing Expands Years of Expertise into the Northwest

AvenueWest Seattle, LLP, a Corporate Housing and Property Management Company, is officially open to serve the needs of those interested in real estate investment and private property owners looking to make higher ROI by matching their properties with corporations, business travelers, relocating professionals and individuals, or anyone else in need of temporary short-term corporate housing in the Seattle Metro Area. All while following the proposed regulations on short-term rentals.

July 8, 2016: AvenueWest Managed Corporate Housing’s newest locally owned and operated office, AvenueWest Seattle, LLP, is now officially open. This partnership matches the years of experience that Angela and Tim Healy possess in property management and corporate housing with the local real estate knowledge and business development expertise of Rick Hoffman.

With the Seattle real estate market at an all-time high and rental inventory at an all-time low, AvenueWest Seattle, LLP opens its doors at the perfect time. With their proven business model of working directly with private property owners and investors, AvenueWest Seattle isn’t having any issues finding exclusive properties to market for corporate housing like traditional providers. The new laws being passed in Seattle regarding short-term housing options have also created an influx of owners who still want to maximize their return on investment through furnished rentals and AvenueWest Seattle, LLP, can help them do this still.

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The city of Seattle is proposing regulations for short term rentals for stays less than 30 days to only be allowed 90 cumulative nights or fewer in a 12 month period. These regulations do not limit the amount of rentals for 30 days or longer; however, applicable taxes and a business license will now be required of any property owner wishing to rent their property(ies) as a short term rental, regardless if they are less than 30 day stays or not.

AvenueWest Seattle LLP has already received a warm reception in Seattle with private owners wishing to utilize their services to achieve higher ROI goals.

“We are finding that owners who have their property(ies) listed on AirBNB and other short term rental sites don’t wish to obtain a business license or pay the applicable taxes. They also don’t necessarily want to manage their rental properties any longer, but still want to maximize their ROI on their property investment(s), while reducing their time commitment in renting their property(ies). All property owners in the management program benefit from qualified renters who typically stay an average of 100 days in an AvenueWest property giving the owners peace of mind and stability,” states Angela.

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Kimberly Smith, The CEO of AvenueWest Global Franchise, has wanted to start an office in Seattle for years and the partnership between the Healy’s and Rick Hoffman couldn’t have come at a more opportune time.

“Seattle is a booming city with a number of great corporate headquarters, unique industries, and a definite need for alternative housing solutions like temporary furnished housing. Companies and individuals relocating to Seattle for a variety of different reasons will have a strong preference for AvenueWest’s managed corporate rental properties over a transient hotel setting or other standard apartment rentals,” says Smith. “With Rick’s knowledge of the area, and the Healy’s knowledge of the industry, AvenueWest Seattle LLP is now in league with the kinds of rental properties required by discerning executives and business travelers. Private landlords and investors also have the opportunity to earn greater rental income on their properties.”

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About AvenueWest Seattle, LLP

AvenueWest Seattle, LLP, a franchise of Denver-based AvenueWest Global Franchise, opened its doors on July 8, 2016 and is jointly owned by Angela and Tim Healy and Rick Hoffman who manages this office.

AvenueWest Seattle, LLP fosters the connection between a private landlord of a rental property offered as short-term, furnished rental with those in need of executive housing such as traveling business executives, relocated families, traveling professors, athletes or actors, and even someone in need of temporary housing during a medical treatment.

To offer a property for rent through AvenueWest Seattle, LLP, or to find a property during a temporary stay in the Seattle metropolitan area, contact Rick Hoffman or Angela and Tim Healy directly: 206.319.5459 or Seattle@avenuewest.com.