We appreciate your interest in learning more about the AvenueWest Franchise opportunity and how its unique approach differs from other corporate housing companies.  The Avenue West managed housing formula significantly reduces financial liability, increases the ability to meet the varied demands of the marketplace and offers revenue opportunities not normally associated with traditional corporate housing operations.

The Avenue West franchise is based on marketing and managing properties owned by others.  This relieves the franchisee of the loan and master lease obligations that must be met, regardless of the occupancy status of the property, and are of continuing concern to the typical corporate housing company. There are important aspects of this approach that must be mastered and the experienced Avenue West staff provides the training and support needed to ensure the franchise owner’s success.

Among the many things you’ll learn in training are how to:

  • Market to owners in a condominium or townhouse complex;
  • Identify  property owners who will be receptive to placing their property(ies) under your management;
  • Determine which type of properties are best suited for your business;
  • Negotiate the critical aspects of the contract including significantly higher commission rates;
  • Keep your owners and tenants happy;
  • Find qualified  tenants;
  • Foresee areas of concern and how to deal with them;
  • Get large Corporate Housing companies to seek out your properties and keep them coming back;
  • Assist some tenants with finding permanent housing in your market, providing  a real estate commission opportunity.

Additionally you’ll benefit from:

  • Being a part of a team environment, allowing you to bounce ideas off of other franchisees and identify best-practices that can enhance your business.
  • The ability to book units in all of our markets,  other offices will also be able to book your inventory, leading to increased  revenue opportunities.
  • Immediately having your own integrated website that is cross marketed with all other markets, enhancing exposure and the potential for new business.
  • Getting an 800 number and phone answering services that enhance your professional image and relieve  you of that concern.
  • A cloud-based reservation system that is accessible anywhere there is an internet connection allowing for more opportunity to book your units.
  • AvenueWest’s accounting services, relieving you of these responsibilities allowing you additional time to market and manage more properties. These services include:
  1. Processing all of your properties’ utility bills (cable, phone, internet, and electric/gas);
  2. Processing all of your tenant’s lease documents and credit cards;
  3. Creating all of your tenant’s invoicing;
  4. Paying your property owners and completing transfers bi-monthly to ensure no co-mingling of funds;
  5. Issuing all property owners’ 1099s and mailing them out to all of your owners by January 31st each year.
  • A weekly report that will let you gage your performance compared to other markets, indicating trends and revealing opportunities for increased revenue.
  • A monthly newsletter with valuable information about the industry, notices of coming events geared to helping your business, and alerts as to what can impact your business.
  • Consistent social media marketing on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Our Blogs, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, etc. to promote all AvenueWest Franchisees and the Brand.
  • Additional marketing on our Blog, Craigslist, Zillow Rentals, and other property listing sites for new and vacant properties.
  • AvenueWest’s name and reputation in the Corporate Housing community. In 2010, AvenueWest Managed Corporate Housing was named the Corporate Housing Providers Association (CHPA) Company of the Year.
  • AvenueWest providing all the necessary systems in place for Property Management, Leasing, etc. and the training on these existing policies and procedures so you hit the road running.
  • Customized, and branded marketing materials available for purchase from your local Postnet office as soon as you become a franchise.
  • A list of Preferred Vendors that offer the franchisee preferred rates and quality products.
  • An attractive insurance policy that your client’s have the option of purchasing that will cover them for up to $3,000 of accidental damage to the property.
  • Lower merchant services fees for credit card processing.
  • Better pricing on marketing materials and the ability to purchase in smaller quantities.
  • A comprehensive operations manual for reference at any time.

We hope that this information proves helpful as you consider further investigation of the Avenue West Global Franchise opportunity.

For more information, feel free to contact us: or 303-825-7625.

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