The Future of You and Work

I believe we can all agree the world will never be the same. But what will the future look like and what will we do to make it right for us?

This week I got a call from 3 women in Texas. “We know real estate, we know marketing and relationships building, we have a lot to offer ,” they said. “How can we build a business?”

Thousands of real estate agents and STR / Short Term Rental property owners are all asking the same question, “How can we build a business with sustainable and residual income where I can be in control.”

“I want to be in control.” Is what I hear most from people who are looking to buy a franchise.

This week AvenueWest Managed Corporate Housing turns 21 years old. We have built a business on Sustainable and Residual Income that is built on Relationships. AvenueWest is a recognized leader in our community, our state and our industry and today we work with strong, passionate and amazing franchisees just like you.

Joel Libava has two great articles I thought you might find interesting.

The Pros and Cons of Owning a Franchise

How to Buy a Franchise, Step-By-Step

Learn more about AvenueWest Managed Corporate Housing.

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