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12 Entrepreneurs Share Their Thoughts on FranchisingManaged Corporate Housing Real Estate

The truth is starting a business is hard work and keeping it strong through market ups and downs and evolving markets is ever harder.

AvenueWest Managed Corporate Housing was started in 1999 and I worked 12 hour days, 7 days a week.  It was hard, but fun and satisfying.  I could see how my hard work produced results.  My favorite thing about being a business owner was being in control of my time.  Yes, I worked a lot, but I didn’t have to ask permission if I wasn’t at my desk.  I could volunteer on my time, support my children as needed, travel, learn, give and have fun on my schedule.

Today my favorite part of taking my original business model and making it a franchise is knowing my ideas can support others be more successful and have the opportunity of being in control of themselves.

Franchising takes some of the risks out of starting a business, it still allows you to build a valuable asset that your hard work controls and supports you in ways you would never have if you started a business on your own.

This is what I said:Business Success


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