Innovation and Real Estate – Do or Die?

AvenueWest Managed Corporate Housing was founded in 1999 in a small retail shop in LODO (Lower Downtown – Denver, CO) which today is now one of the trendiest urban areas in the country.  Our goal was to service a real estate and lodging need, not to create a trend or reinvent the world.  Who knew, 20 years later, that the systems and services we created would be the foundation for innovation in real estate.  DNC Website Photo

Traditional residential real estate has been designed around “chasing the sign.”  Agents worked to develop relationships with their friends, family and communities with the hope that in the future if there was a need they could profit from that transaction.  In today’s world of technology, speed of communication, access to information and online contracts, the ability to profit from a transaction is going away.  Zillow, and Trulia have long been leaders in squeezing out the need for real estate agents and now even Facebook is getting in the game.

“If Cash is King, Then Property is Queen.”

The question is no longer, “how do I chase a transaction.”  The new question is “how can I connect with real estate, investors and homeowners providing needed services that allow me to develop a real estate business that has sustainable and residual income.”

Welcome to the world of AvenueWest Managed Corporate Housing where through our franchise program we will help you build the real estate business that will survive in todays world of rapid change, innovation and allow you to be the agile and profitable real estate expert you should be.

Top Markets Still Available: Reno NV, Austin TX, Portland OR, Charlotte NC and Detroit MI.

Join the award wining and growing AvenueWest Team!

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