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Founded in 1999, AvenueWest Managed Corporate Housing is a growing franchise that provides opportunity in real estate and property management.


AvenueWest Managed Corporate Housing is a network of locally owned and operated real estate property management brokerages offering fully furnished and serviced residential properties.


AvenueWest Corporate Housing was co-founded by Kimberly Smith in 1999. Ms. Smith had been working in the corporate housing industry since 1994, and she felt strongly that the Denver area could benefit from a more innovative managed corporate housing model.

A little background on managed corporate housing…

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AvenueWest San Francisco’s very own Jennifer Yick was featured in Mobility Magazine August 2016 Edition: “Training and Service: 5 Ways Corporate Housing and Property Management is a Good Career Match for Veterans”

“This job takes organization, attention to detail, a willingness to get the job done-especially under pressure-and great communication skills. These skills are exactly what the military prepares men and women to do.”

Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine (now Think Realty Magazine) featured AvenueWest Corporate Housing and Kimberly Smith in the 2015 November/December Edition: “The Sleeping Giant is Stirring

“I’d much rather have a strong competitor than no competitor at all, and AirBNB has been that for us. AirBNB brought to the forefront the value, the fun, the excitement, even the ‘sex appeal’ of what it means to immerse yourself in a community and how much more rewarding that can be in a lot of different ways. But even though AirBNB has all these great portals, they are missing the hands-on quality control at the end.”

Franchising.com featured our most recent press release: “AvenueWest Fulfills High Demand for Corporate Housing in Northern Colorado.”

Click here to watch the exclusive interview with our very own, Kimberly Smith, on FlipNerd.com. She and host, Mike Hambright, discuss the Corporate Housing and furnished housing rental business. Or, click here to listen to the podcast of this same interview. Kimberly was also recently featured in a podcast with Kevin Bupp Companies, Making Money With Corporate Housing Rentals.

“…my favorite word in business is ‘residual income’ and if you are doing vacation rentals you might hope that the same family is coming to your city that same week every year, but you are really not developing a client that is going to rent from you on a more regular basis. So in Corporate Housing, I go out and I develop a relationship with a Human Resource Manager of a large fortune 100 company and as they move their employees from point A to point B on a fairly regular basis…and they can then rent 5, 10, 20, 30, 50, 100 units from me on a regular basis and they are renting these properties at rates that are very comparable to hotel rates….staying on average 80-100 days….we started putting systems into place to make sure our property owners knew what they were getting and put their properties into our inventory and grew our gross rents to $10 million dollars over a four year period of time.”

Kimberly Smith was published in the Idiot’s Guide: Making Money With Rental Properties in 2014.

“When you own a franchise, you’re still the boss of your franchise, but you have a proven system and a team of support you can turn to for help with advertising, marketing, training, personal training, and finances.”

Published August 23, 2013 in the Denver Business Journal: “Kimberly Smith Followed Internship to New Career Path” by April Nowicki

“[The Smith’s] first business venture evolved into three companies, all focused on renting out furnished residential properties on a month-to-month basis.”

Published in the July/August Addition of Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine: “Cashing in on Celebrity and Corporate Nomads” by Scott C Seckel

Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine Cover July/Aug 2013

 I think corporate housing is a really profitable niche. We represent such a small percentage of those numbers, I really think there’s room for growth…with my product, we have a lot of primary residences that people rent fully furnished. There’s a level of urgency in corporate housing that most owners aren’t used to. They want this many forks and this size TV and those kinds of details.” ~Kimberly Smith, CEO and Owner of AvenueWest Global Franchise

Published September 4, 2012 in Metro: “Northeast Relocation Goes Through a Relocation of it’s Own” by Linda Laban

“We charge a management fee of 20 to 30 percent. But those condos that might let for $2,000 or $2,500 normally will get a return of $4,000 to $6,000 through us.” ~Patrick Flynn, Owner of Northeast Suites/AvenueWest Boston

Published October 2010 in The New York Times:”Good Job Offer, but What About the House?” by Paul Sullivan

“…an executive at Kaiser Permanente was asked to relocate from the East Coast to San Francisco. Even though it was a promotion, the executive was wary of selling his home and just as uneasy about buying something in his new city. So he rented in both places.” ~ Kimberly Smith

Published August 2010 in the JournalOnline: “On the Road for Business? Corporate Housing can Provide the Comforts of Home

“Visitors can live in a residential neighborhood, go to a local farmers markets and then prepare the food in their kitchen that night. Corporate housing is appealing to anyone who wants to make the most of their travels.” ~Adam Sherer, former President of the Corporate Housing Providers Association

Published April 2009 in Mobility Magazine: “Corporate Housing Myths Debunked” by Kimberly Smith

“…corporate housing always has and will continue to provide short-term furnished housing to individuals and business executives who need a place to call home, even if only for a short while.” ~ Kimberly Smith, 

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AvenueWest Managed Corporate Housing is a network of locally owned and operated real estate property management brokerages offering fully furnished and serviced residential properties.

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